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Managing vendor relationships is no longer as easy as appointing a technology employee to be the company's official representative. Outsourcing, the trend toward longer and more complex deals, and an increase in the number of vendors of all sizes have prompted companies to rethink the skills and experience required to manage these contracts on a daily basis.

The vendor management service offered by Vee provides you the details about the vendors you are doing business with and how the relationship can be improved between them. It also helps in finding the best vendor for the company. Vee Move has developed a dynamic vendor compliance process that compares freight bills from your vendor community to your routing and purchase order requirements. This determines compliance or non-compliance with your specific business rules. We will track all routing violations of your suppliers and generate the necessary paperwork to take further action such as submitting a deduction remittance to your vendors. Determine for yourselves if you are paying too much because of non-compliance.


Vee Move addresses supplier information, purchase order entry, and vendor-related reporting. The supplier management software component allows you to enter and maintain your vendor information, including company contacts, multiple shipment addresses, and payment and accounting information.


"Vee Move provides vendor compliance processes to meet your requirements"

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